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In The Community

As a family-owned business, we believe in being good neighbors. We achieve this by partnering with other businesses in our community and by supporting the schools and non-profits in our area.

Even in the earliest days at the original Shack, Mary saw the value of supporting the community. She supported the community in ways big & small – there are countless stories of her sending out extra food to a table that couldn’t afford enough to feed the entire family, and her scribbled “coupons” for a free pizza are still legendary in Sonoma (her grandkids’ business cards have blank backs, just so they can continue her tradition of giving away free meals). As Mary became more successful, her contributions also grew in scale, and her commitment to the community, and especially the kids in town, was passed down to her children and grandchildren, who honor it today in a significant way. In keeping with her priorities, we focus our efforts on kids, youth sports and education, but our efforts are as diverse as the communities where we are located.