Dine & Donate FAQ - Mary's Pizza Shack

Dine & Donate FAQ

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What happens when I sign-up for a Dine & Donate?

Our Dine & Donate Coordinator will begin working with your preferred location to confirm that the date you selected is available. They may also follow up with you on any questions they have regarding the information that you submitted.

How will I know if my Dine & Donate is confirmed?

The Dine & Donate Coordinator will send you an email confirming the details of your fundraiser, along with a .pdf version of your flyer.

What are some of the guidelines for promoting the event?

You are free to distribute the flyer to anyone you wish leading up to the fundraiser; however, guests may not hand out flyers at the restaurant. Doing so may result in voiding the results of your fundraiser.

How do guests indicate they are participating?

Participants can simply show the flyer on their mobile device, mention that they are dining in for the fundraiser or may bring in a printed flyer (black and white works just fine!) in order to have their tag count toward it.

But if they just show on their phone, how will they know the fundraiser is getting the credit for their purchase?

Please let your participants know that their guest receipt will show “DINE AND DONATE” right above the sub total. This will ensure them that their participation has been accounted for!

Does the Dine and Donate last all day?

Yes! It is for the entire day, and for dining-in, take-out, and delivery.

Do Gift Card purchases count toward the 20% donation?

Yes, up to the first $100 in gift card purchases! In fact, this is an easy way to build your participation – Gift Cards make great gifts 🙂

When will the organization get the money?

After the fundraiser, the store will report to us how it did. At that point, our Accounting team will go through and verify the totals before mailing the check to the address provided in your submission. This process takes about two-three weeks after the Dine & Donate to complete.

Can I do a Dine & Donate for an individual or myself?

While our Dine & Donate program is made for non-profit organizations, we do consider fundraisers for individuals on a case-by-case basis. They are not guaranteed or automatic once requested. Here are the guidelines and procedures we use when doing a fundraiser for an individual.

  • W9 must be completed and returned before the event can be advertised and must include the name and SSN of the person to whom the check will be made out.
  • The individual will receive a 1099 at the end of the year and that information will be reported to the IRS.
  • Use case must be for medical or memorials, meaning we would not be able to participate for those looking for extra funds for a trip, missions work, etc. We will consider other individual cases as they come, and may at times decline.

Ooops! I just noticed we made a mistake on the flyer – can I fix it on my own?

We ask that you do not modify the flyer, since our restaurants are given an advance copy to know what a legitimate flyer looks like. For any corrections or suggestions, please just let us know.