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Holiday Parties Catered by Mary’s Pizza Shack

The holidays are here, which means end-of-the-year celebrations, gift exchanges, and ugly sweater get-togethers! A key component to all of these parties will be the food you provide for your guests. Whenever I work with my catering customers, whether we are going to staff their event or simply drop off the food, these are points that I review with them to help smooth out the planning process.

The Setup

Just as important as the food being delivered is how the food is arranged. More than just having the right utensils, think through the space logistics.

Do you have the right table space? What are the dimensions of the food carriers for each item? Is this going to be a one-sided table, or will the food table be two sided to allow for expedited service? Does everything need to be placed out at once (appetizers, entrée, and dessert), or should there be stages of the presentation?

The biggest reason why space logistics are important is because you don’t want a slow crowd gathered at the buffet line or have people waiting at the end. I am happy to consult with you to maximize your table set-up to ensure you have just the right amount of space.

The Menu

If you have wine that you are serving your guests at the event, I’d be happy to offer pairing suggestions with our catering menu.

Are there any dietary concerns? Mary’s offers gluten free pasta and pizza, and can work around most dietary needs. And, if you only have one or two who have dietary restrictions, we can also offer individual packages that are affordable with relation to the rest of the menu!

You can get a glimpse of the Catering & Party Tray menu right here!

Think about the combination of foods that you are offering – I’d love to show how the diversity in your menu offerings can affect the expected portion sizes. I can also show you how to plan for an event where the RSVP count might fluctuate – there are ways to anticipate both an increase in unexpected guests or a decrease in the guest count! We can also set up a time to sample anything – if you love it, then your guests will love it, but if you’re not sure, just ask!

The Value

You may or may not have a firm budget, but don’t just think of a price ceiling for your event, really work through the value. Specifically, how much per person can you spend, and how much value beyond the food does the caterer provide? At Mary’s, serving utensils are always included, and we can also rent out our serving equipment should you need it.

Depending on the need of each individual customer and event, I can be on call via phone or email to address any last minute questions or changes that may come up. Whatever Mary’s can do to make the food portion of your event a success, we will do it!

You have a lot to plan and worry about for the party, don’t let the food be one of them. Happy Holidays, and happy planning!

I look forward to taking care of your Holiday Catering Needs!

Jacob Perez,
Catering Sales Manager