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Mary’s pizzas are famous thanks to our homemade pizza dough and pizza sauce recipes that have been in our family for more than fifty years. Our pizzas are typically larger than other restaurants, with better value and more opportunities to enjoy your meal family style, just as Mary did. Choose from: Bambino 9” | Small 11” | Medium 13” | Large 16”

Try our Classic, Thin or Thick crust options. No substitutions on combination pizzas. Half-and-half pizzas are priced slightly higher.



Mary’s Combination

Like Mary’s, it’s full of all that’s good: salami, pepperoni, cotto salami, mushrooms and Italian sausage with our legendary pizza sauce.
Small 15.95 | Medium 21.95 | Large 26.50

Toto’s Combination

Mary named this pizza after her son, Toto. He meant everything to her so this pizza has everything on it: salami, pepperoni, cotto salami, linguica, Italian sausage, mushroom, onions, bell peppers, black olives and our famous pizza sauce.
Small 18.50 | Medium 24.95 | Large 29.75

 Potato Skin Pizza

Pepper bacon, slices of roasted red potatoes, fresh broccoli, green onions and white cheddar cheese with Mary’s homemade ranch dressing. Bambino 11.00 | Small 16.25 | Medium 20.25 | Large 25.25


Classic Vegetarian

A garden pizza with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, black olives and fresh garlic with our homemade pizza sauce.
Bambino 11.50 | Small 16.50 | Medium 20.50 | Large 25.50

La Romana

Imported Italian artichoke hearts, oven-roasted tomatoes, feta and mozzarella cheeses on a layer of fresh basil pesto.
Bambino 11.25 | Small 16.25 | Medium 20.25 | Large 25.25


A lighter pizza with a layer of mozzarella topped with diced fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. (Not available as a half-and-half pizza.)
Bambino 8.75 | Small 12.95 | Medium 16.50 | Large 21.50

Start With A Classic Cheese Pizza:

Bambino 8.75 | Small 12.75 | Medium 16.50 | Large 21.50
Add any of our Selected Toppings below to make your Perfect Combination.

Each Traditional Topping add:
Bambino 1.35 | Small 1.65 | Medium 2.10 | Large 2.50

Each Specialty Topping add:
Bambino 2.00 | Small 2.35 | Medium 2.60 | Large 3.10

Traditional Toppings

Anchovy & Garlic • Bell Pepper • Black Olive • Canadian Bacon • Caramelized Onions • Cotto Salami  • Crumbled Blue Cheese • Salami • Extra Cheese • Fresh Garlic • Fresh Tomato • Italian Sausage • Linguica • Meatball • Mushroom • Onion • Pepperoni • Pineapple

Specialty Toppings

Artichoke Hearts • Feta Cheese • Fresh Spinach • Grilled Chicken • Tri-Color Jalapeños • Pepper Bacon • Pesto Sauce • Ranch Dressing • Oven Roasted Tomatoes  • Whole Baby Clams • Italian Olives • Italian Eggplant


Bambino: 9" (6 slices)     Small 11" (6 slices)
Medium: 13" (8 slices)    Large: 16" (10 slices)


Spicy Cajun Sausage

Mary’s pizza dough topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, spicy Cajun sausage, pepperoni, sweet peppers and green onion.
Bambino 10.50 | Small 15.25 | Medium 19.75 | Large 25.50

Italian Luau

A savory and sweet combination of classic spicy and our new mild pepperoni and pineapple bits that will be your new year-round favorite!
Bambino 10.75 | Small 15.50 | Medium 19.95 | Large 25.75

Hawaiian Luau

A sweet and savory classic with Canadian bacon, pineapple and our homemade pizza sauce. Aloha!
Bambino 10.75 | Small 15.50 | Medium 19.95 | Large 25.75


BBQ Chicken

BBQ sauce topped with chicken, white cheddar, bacon, tri-color jalapeños, caramelized onions and crispy red onions on top.
Bambino 11.75 | Small 16.75 | Medium 20.75 | Large 25.95

Tuscan Garlic Chicken

It’s all about the sauce: roasted garlic sauce, grilled chicken, caramelized onions and mozzarella. Finished with a drizzle of olive oil.
Bambino 11.75 | Small 16.75 | Medium 20.75 | Large 25.95

Pesto Chicken

Grilled pesto chicken, roasted tomatoes and three kinds of cheese: mozzarella, provolone and feta.
Bambino 11.75 | Small 16.75 | Medium 20.75 | Large 25.95


Classic Cheese Calzone

Homemade pizza dough filled with ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, then topped with Mary’s homemade pizza sauce, fresh garlic and more cheese. Big enough to share! 14.50

Mary’s Meat Calzone

Our classic cheese calzone stuffed with salami, pepperoni and cotto salami. 17.95

Vegetarian Calzone

With a garden’s worth of fresh bell peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms and tomatoes. 17.50

Create-Your-Own Calzone

Start with a classic cheese calzone and add pizza toppings to make it your own.
Traditional toppings 2.10 each | Specialty toppings 2.60 each
Up to five toppings will fit, sausage and linguica are not available.

Smart Flour Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Gluten-free pizza crust made from ancient grains including sorghum, amaranth and teff. We prepare these pizzas away from the flour in our kitchens.

Available toppings: salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, pineapple, mushrooms or olives.

Personal Cheese Pizza 8” 9.75 | Toppings 1.35 ea.

Small Cheese Pizza 12” 16.95 | Toppings 1.65 ea.